Dorval Deluxe Lampshades

We’ve been creating unique lighting products since the 1970s. From humble beginnings, our confidence and knowledge in crafting our range of stunning lampshades have grown extensively to include light shades of every conceivable size and shape and in a myriad of different patterns and materials.

If you want something truly unique to make an emphatic statement in your home, or if you are just looking for something to blend in seamlessly with your existing decor, then Dorval lampshades are the most resounding way to do it.

Our deluxe lampshade range is the ideal choice when you need to spread light from a single source over a large area.

No matter how big the room, you can light it from a single source, using our deluxe pendant lights, which use a solid, opaque central ring. This reflects more light to the outer rim of the lampshade, and as well as spreading it over a wider area, creates a relaxing ambience for even the most public parts of your room.

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