Drum Lampshades

Simple, clean and effective – drum lampshades are one of the most popular types we sell.

But Dorval Lighting doesn’t just give you a few paltry choices – we have masses of variety of both outer colour and inner lining material and colour, so we’re sure to have a combination which will suit you to a ‘T’.

A drum lampshade is a space-saving design which looks smooth and slick, and the curved surfaces mean there’s nowhere for dust to gather and hide.

We make our drum lampshades by hand in a variety of sizes, and even some large enough to encase a chandelier, giving you a way of toning down the twinkling effect, as well as protecting the delicate elements of the chandelier itself.

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Browse through our massive choices of plain and patterned lampshades, arranged over many pages so you can properly appreciate them all, and take your time to find the colour combination to exactly fit your room’s decor and the mood you want your lighting to create.