Dorval Deluxe Round 2 Square Pendant

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Our Dorval Deluxe Round 2 Square pendant is a fascinating design which lights up any room. Round at the top and Square at the bottom. The options for this stunning lighting feature are almost limitless. Why choose one colour when you can have two. The Dorval Deluxe Round 2 Square pendant is available in any of Dorval’s colours of cotton or silk with white lining. Or why not any colour of cotton or silk inside and out? Or for the ultimate finish choose one of our frosted metallic linings available in Gold, Silver or rose Copper. Also available with optional ‘floating’ diffuser designed to stop the glare of the bulb/bulbs.

Measured across the rounded corner of the square base. Sizes available are top diameter by base by height. Available in 6 sizes (mm): 400x500x250, 500x600x250, 600x700x300, 700x800x300, 800x900x350 and 900x1000x350. Please contact us for prices.

Choose from our wide selection of electrical suspensions. We stock both single and 3 light options for the larger shades. Both available as semi-flush for lower ceilings.

The Dorval Deluxe Round to Square is also available in smaller sizes for table or floor lamp.

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