Suspension Lights

If you want something truly unique to make an emphatic statement in your home, or if you are just looking for something to blend in seamlessly with your existing decor, then Dorval’s luxury lampshades are the most resounding way to do it.

We’ve been creating unique luxury lamp shades since the 1970s and our range has grown extensively to include light shades of every conceivable size and shape and in a myriad of different patterns and materials. Browse the range below to get inspiration for your own space.

If you have a lot of space that you want to fill with light, especially in rooms with high ceilings, you can choose from our range of suspension lights.

They are just one of the effective tricks you can use to emphasise the height in a room, along with tall bookcases and lots of shelves which can look as though they are reaching up towards the ceiling.

By placing the source of light closer to the ceiling, you can also emphasise any of its special features, such as a vaulted construction, or where a false ceiling gives way to the original.

It also means that the light from your suspension lights can travel much further, and so be allowed to flood over a much wider area, giving you softer, even light coverage in these big spaces.