Wood Veneer Drum Lampshades

At Dorval Lighting Ltd, we have a stunning selection of wood veneer lampshades. Our beautifully designed wood effect lampshades are perfect for those looking to add a natural, earthy touch to their home. Modern and elegant, our wood lamps are made using the highest-quality materials.

Wood veneer is used to create the appearance of a beautifully grained surface; when this effect is used for lampshades, it instantly creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere in any room. At Dorval Lighting Ltd, all of our lampshades are handmade. Whether you need wood veneer lampshades for your restaurant or a beautiful new wood lamp for your bedroom, we’re confident that we have the perfect solution for you.

Our range includes old barn wood, old oak wood and vermont wood effect lampshades. Scroll down to view our wood veneer lampshades.

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