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October 19th, 2022

Dorval Lighting hits the back of the net with Juniper Green sponsorship

The Juniper Green football team has new sponsors – courtesy of local business, Dorval Lighting. But there’s more to this sponsorship than first meets the eye. You see, there’s a link between Dorval’s owner, Robbie Stead, and the school.

Quite a few links, in fact…

Robbie, his wife, and their 4 children have all attended Juniper Green, so when it came time for him to advertise his business, Robbie’s thoughts immediately turned to his old primary school.

‘Juniper Green has been a part of my life – directly and indirectly – for decades,’ explains Robbie, ‘so it just made sense for me to give something back to a place that has been a positive influence on my family’s lives for so many years.’

But, why sponsor a school football team?

‘It’s a genuine pleasure to have a successful business in the area that allows me to promote and support physical education, teamwork, and developing social skills and leadership in children,’ says Robbie. ‘Besides, it still means a lot to me to be a Juni boy!’

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