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‘Robbie and the team made bespoke modern, contemporary lampshades for my home. I absolutely love them. The quality is amazing and the finished product is second to none. The customer service is extremely professional and the service was so prompt. I would highly recommend Dorval Lighting.’

Fiona MacDonald
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Sunshine Silk Drum Lampshade

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Light up your home or workspace with our bold and beautiful Sunshine Silk Drum Lampshade. This vibrant yellow will brighten up any space instantly, whether you’re decorating an understated room or complementing a bold primary colour scheme! The brilliance of this sunshine shade will also lift other yellow tones, creating the illusion of extra space and warmth in a room. This is one of our personal favourites and ultimate best sellers.

If you’re looking for the finest-quality silk lampshades, then you needn’t look further than Dorval Lighting. Our selection of handcrafted silk lampshades is designed to take your interior design to the next level. It’s our mission to help you find the perfect drum lampshade to suit your requirements, with a range of dazzling colours and finishes to choose from. Our Sunshine Silk Drum Lampshade is one of our personal favourites, with warm and summery tones that can elevate the atmosphere of any space.

No matter what time of year it is, let the sun into your home with this gorgeous lampshade. It’s available in sizes ranging from 20cm x 20cm to 100cm x 40cm, so no matter your specific measurement requirements, we have the perfect fit. Order yours online today!

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20cm dia x 20cm high, 20cm dia x 30cm high, 25cm dia x 20cm high, 25cm dia x 30cm high, 30cm dia x 20cm high, 30cm dia x 30cm high, 35cm dia x 20cm high, 35cm dia x 30cm high, 40cm dia x 20cm high, 40cm dia x 30cm high, 45cm dia x 20cm high, 45cm dia x 30cm high, 50cm dia x 25cm high, 50cm dia x 35cm high, 55cm dia x 25cm high, 55cm dia x 35cm high, 60cm dia x 25cm high, 60cm dia x 35cm high, 70cm dia x 25cm high, 70cm dia x 35cm high, 80cm dia x 30cm high, 80cm dia x 40cm high, 90cm dia x 30cm high, 90cm dia x 40cm high, 100cm dia x 30cm high, 100cm dia x 40cm high

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Sunshine Silk Drum Lampshade

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