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National Tartan Fabric Lampshade 40cm dia x 30cm high

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Our Exquisite National Tartan fabric lampshade will add a touch of class to any household.

Handmade in Scotland. Fits all ES and BC lamp holders. Max 60W bulb or Low Energy Equivalent.

This tartan was created by the National Association of Scottish Woollen Manufacturers in the mid 1930s. For some reason it did not receive much exposure, perhaps because of the approach of World War II, when only essential fabrics for military use and a restriction of colours in ‘utility’ cloths were instigated along with rationing in June 1941. Lochcarron, on discovering this dormant design, decided to re-launch it, in celebration of the 2000 Millennium. This made a considerable impact from Scotland to the Americas and the Far East, with many celebrities, including the family pipe band of film star Ewan Macgregor, adopting this vibrant tartan. Now that the new millennium is well established Lochcarron have restored the original name giving the design a deserved permanent place in the their collection of tartans.

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