Insignia Silk with Frosted Copper Metallic Lining French Drum Lampshade

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French Drum Lampshade



This stylish Handmade navy blue Insignia silk French Drum Lampshade with a rolled edge finish lined in a Frosted Copper Lining.

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10cm dia top x 15cm dia bottom x 13cm slope, 15cm dia top x 20.5cm dia bottom x 17cm slope, 20.5cm dia top x 25.5cm dia bottom x 20cm slope, 25.5cm dia top x 30.5cm dia bottom x 22cm slope, 30.5cm dia top x 35.5cm dia bottom x 24cm slope, 33cm dia top x 41cm dia bottom x 26cm slope, 35.5cm dia top x 46cm dia bottom x 28cm slope, 38cm dia top x 51cm dia bottom x 30cm slope, 41cm dia top x 56cm dia bottom x 32cm slope, 43cm dia top x 61cm dia bottom x 35cm slope, 45cm dia top x 70cm dia bottom x 38cm slope, 50cm dia top x 80cm dia bottom x 42cm slope, 55cm dia top x 90cm dia bottom x 46cm slope


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