Taupe Brown Felt Drum Lampshade

£48.00£300.00 (inc VAT)



Handmade Felt Drum Lampshade, Rolled Edge Finish Lined in a Crystal Clear PVC. Manufactured in the UK.

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40cm dia x 20cm high, 40cm dia x 30cm high, 45cm dia x 20cm high, 45cm dia x 30cm high, 50cm dia x 25cm high, 50cm dia x 35cm high, 55cm dia x 25cm high, 55cm dia x 35cm high, 60cm dia x 25cm high, 60cm dia x 35cm high, 70cm dia x 25cm high, 70cm dia x 35cm high, 80cm dia x 30cm high, 80cm dia x 40cm high, 90cm dia x 30cm high, 90cm dia x 40cm high, 100cm dia x 30cm high, 100cm dia x 40cm high


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