Flame Silk Drum Lampshade

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Cast a warm glow throughout your home or commercial space with our gorgeous Flame Silk Drum Lampshade, the perfect accessory to brighten up a plain room. This lampshade can liven up any space, whether it’s a living room, restaurant or reception area with its modern drum style and attractive orange silk finish and white lining.

There’s nothing we love more than helping our customers make a statement through their interior design choices. That’s why we supply the highest-quality handmade silk lampshades in a myriad of beautiful colours. Our Flame Silk Drum Lampshade is one of our personal favourites, with its fiery, sunshine tones that can elevate the atmosphere of any room. This accessory also works particularly well in rooms with lots of copper or bronze furnishings.

If you’ve fallen in love with our Flame Silk Drum Lampshade, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s available in sizes ranging from 20cm x 20cm to 100cm x 40cm. No matter what environment you’re decorating, there’s a size to suit your measurements! Order your handmade silk lampshade from Dorval Lighting and bring luxury and sophistication into your home or workplace today.

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20cm dia x 20cm high, 20cm dia x 30cm high, 25cm dia x 20cm high, 25cm dia x 30cm high, 30cm dia x 20cm high, 30cm dia x 30cm high, 35cm dia x 20cm high, 35cm dia x 30cm high, 40cm dia x 20cm high, 40cm dia x 30cm high, 45cm dia x 20cm high, 45cm dia x 30cm high, 50cm dia x 25cm high, 50cm dia x 35cm high, 55cm dia x 25cm high, 55cm dia x 35cm high, 60cm dia x 25cm high, 60cm dia x 35cm high, 70cm dia x 25cm high, 70cm dia x 35cm high, 80cm dia x 30cm high, 80cm dia x 40cm high, 90cm dia x 30cm high, 90cm dia x 40cm high, 100cm dia x 30cm high, 100cm dia x 40cm high

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