Black Silk Drum Lampshade With Gold Lining

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Drum Lampshade

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Bring luxury and sophistication into your home or workplace with our stylish Black Silk Drum Lampshade With Gold Lining. The perfect accessory for bedrooms, offices, restaurants and airports, this sleek lampshade can add a decorative edge to any ceiling or room. It’s no wonder this striking silk lampshade is one of our best sellers!

At Dorval Lighting, our mission is to help you select beautiful lampshades to elevate your interior design. Our Black Silk Drum Lampshade is one of our favourites because of its ability to do just that. Its modern drum style is set to make a statement, with a black silk covering that offers an understated yet classic look. Featuring an attractive gold lining, this handmade lampshade is anything but plain! The contrast between black and gold also means that this contemporary design works well in minimalist, glamourous and traditional interiors.

Available in a range of sizes (from 20cm x 20cm to 100cm x 40cm), our Black Silk Drum Lampshade is a gorgeous fit for any property. It’s also handmade, which means it’s been crafted with skill and care. Enhance your interior design with the stylish Black Silk Drum Lampshade from Dorval Lighting today.

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20cm dia x 20cm high, 20cm dia x 30cm high, 25cm dia x 20cm high, 25cm dia x 30cm high, 30cm dia x 20cm high, 30cm dia x 30cm high, 35cm dia x 20cm high, 35cm dia x 30cm high, 40cm dia x 20cm high, 40cm dia x 30cm high, 45cm dia x 20cm high, 45cm dia x 30cm high, 50cm dia x 25cm high, 50cm dia x 35cm high, 55cm dia x 25cm high, 55cm dia x 35cm high, 60cm dia x 25cm high, 60cm dia x 35cm high, 70cm dia x 25cm high, 70cm dia x 35cm high, 80cm dia x 30cm high, 80cm dia x 40cm high, 90cm dia x 30cm high, 90cm dia x 40cm high, 100cm dia x 30cm high, 100cm dia x 40cm high

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